Arven av Vargevass


Arven came to us when she was 12 weeks old. Carina flew to Trondheim and drove the rest of the way to pick her up. Arven made the most of the trip by sleeping the hole way. She got to meet Misha when she arrived, a little scary at first but she soon was climbing all over her. Arven likes to collect all the toys in her bed, that way the kittens can not take them. She loved to cuddle but only when she wants to. Arven is not fond of strangers, if it is up to her we do not need to say hello to everyone we see.

As a young adult Arven is working good in all possisions in the dogteam. She can be a little unfocused at times, but how can you just walk past a mouse that jumps over your paws?

Arven has grown up and have become a great sleddog. She can still loose focus if there is a moose nearby (like on the trail). She loves to run fast and with her ans Kazan in lead we have good speed. She is now the leader in the pack, even if some females still tries to challenge her.