Kazan came to us from Charlotte Martinsen in Burfjord. Kazan and Arven immediately became good friends and they did a lot of mischief together. Kazan is a playful girl and she quickly turned from being a little shy to becoming really fond of people. Kazan likes to cuddle, and she would love to curl up in the couch and sleep while we're watching tv. Kazan also likes to run and play in the dog yard, there she can try to catch the crows(altough she doesn't catch any). Kazan is bit chatty, especially when it's feeding time.

Kazan also loves the cat, but not as food. She wags her tail every time she sees him, but if the cat doesn't care she just lay down and sleeps. She is very easygoing with everyone, regardless race or species.

At a very young age, she became a really good leading dog. In her first season she has turned out to someone you can trust as a lead dog, she learned much from Misha. Kazan and Misha was a dreamteam in lead for us.

As an adult dog she is our mainleader, she can run upfront in any weather conditions and is very rarely distracted. Kazan is responsible for learning the younger apprentices at her position. Kazan rarely argues or fights, she's more like a peace negotiator and interferes when the temperature is getting high between the other dogs. One example was when she was raising one of the Norwegian black elkhound youngsters, she could lay still while the elkhound walked over her from tail to nose. In the dog yard the elkhound soon curled up in Kazan's curl, and they slept together.