Finnemarka Ruffian


Ruffian came to us as an adult from kennel Finnemarka and Christen Rose-Andersen.

Altough Ruffian is on the smaller side of the dogs, she is working really hard in the team. Ruffian can at times be a little bit noisy, especially when the other dogs are playing without her. We tries at first to have her in lead with Misha, and learned that she is good at keeping the line tight. But she didnt understand the right and left commands we are using. But that was because Christen learned her the commands gee and haw.

Ruffian loves getting her tummy scratched and quickly lays down on her back, preparing for a tummy scratch.

Ruffian has as time passed by, adapted to various situations. But she is not so fond of strangers and situations with a lot of other dogs and people. Ruffian doesnt do skijoring really well, but we can live with it.

She can run in most positions, she learned our direction commands and she is working harder than ever since she joined us. Ruffian is very small , that presents a challenge when we are running in snow. Given this she is not a ploughing lead dog, but she is doing much better at trails. She is not the mainleader, but she is good co-partner in lead.




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