We have confirmed Arven in pregnant. It is at least 4 puppies

We have been so lucky to do this combination with Vesterelva & Viddashusky.  Both parents are good leaddogs, have good paws and eats good.

Chase is from Vesterelva og Viddahusky. He has always been a good working dog and have whit age become a great leader. He is going to run in is first race later this season. His mother are USA-import and has finished many races, including  Iditarod. His fater has finnished Finnmark 500 in 2012.

Arven is from Vargevass kennel. She has from her first time in harness given everything. This season she has been one of our main leaddog. She started TromsQuest 2020, but we did not finish because of a mistake made by the racecommitee. She was ready do go after the resttime and could not understand why we went to the car. Both her parent has finished many races and have the title SE (POLAR)CH.

To see the pedegree for the litter follow the link. CA-Kullet